Katalyst Cohorts Initiative

Katalyst defined;  a person or thing that changes an event
Cohort defined;  a group of people banded together

Katalyst Cohorts is dedicated to transforming the aspiring career changer to begin their employment as coders, designers, computer technicians, and project managers by teaching the candidate to use technology to solve problems.
We believe this is how we will re-tool, re-develop, and re-define the urban experience in America.


Technology is everywhere…

  • Every industry is touched by I.T. Professionals
  • Retail Stores need I.T.  Professionals
  • Hospitals need I.T.  Professionals
  • Municipalities need I.T.  Professionals
  • Factories need I.T.  Professionals
  • Schools need I.T.  Professionals
  • Logistics need I.T. Professionals

Future Proof Yourself…

  • Technology is the lifeblood of our future
  • Learn skills that are in demand now and well into the future
  • Training is stackable, making it easy to learn new concepts in Tech
  • Tech jobs are team-focused, so you are always building relationships
  • People will pay for what they do not know how to do

Now O’Clock…

  • Change your life and the lives of those you love
  • Earn enough money to have balance in your life
  • It won’t take 4 – 5 years to start a career
  • It won’t cost you tens of thousands of dollars
  • Start a new career in less than a year
  • Start your own business in less than a year

Did You Know?

  1. There are 700,000 unfilled IT jobs in the U.S.  I.T. careers are projected to grow 12 percent thru 2028, much faster than the average for all occupations.
  2. I.T. overlaps with every sector, which makes it a versatile career opportunity. From healthcare to agriculture, digital transformation is driving change in all spheres of business.
  3. There are new emerging fields in I.T. that will see the full-scale application in the next five to ten years according to the Gartner Hype Cycle.
  4. The demand is so high, that certified professionals can easily find work even without a college degree. When it comes to certification training programs, they are faster and far less expensive than a full degree in Computer Sciences

Breakdown of the Katalyst Journey

Innovative Training


Industry Certified


Career Launch


Future Proof


The Katalyst Cohorts Difference

On-Demand Virtual Classroom

Hectic Schedule?

Access your class from the internet anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Hands on labs

Worried about proving your skills?

Virtual labs are included, you get real-world practical application so you are ready to hit the ground running.

Live Orientation

Worried about where to start?

We don’t just send you a link and a good luck email. We start off together, answer your questions and collaborate on your journey.

Cohort Based Training

What if I lose focus?

Starting as part of a cohort, you are part of a team that works on real-world projects, that can be applied to your resume immediately.
You will help each other and push each other forward.

Virtual Office Hours

How do I know I am on track?

Instructors are available for virtual office hours to support and guide you through your courses.

Authorized Training

Are the classes relevant in today’s job market?

All classes are tied to specific job-ready skill sets and the top industry certifications. Simultaneously train to pass your exam and execute the necessary job responsibilities in your field.

Custom Practice Exams

How do I know I am ready?

Our customized practice exams, validate that you are ready to pass the industry certification exams and hit the ground running in your career.

Career Blueprinting

How do I know what career path to follow?

Career coaches will guide you through developing a career roadmap, complete with objectives and key results.  Including follow up to ensure you are on pace.


What if I have limited resources?

Katalyst takes this journey with you, we have partners that assist with funding and other resources to give you the best chance to complete your journey.

Katalyst focuses on building the whole student and not just tech skills.  The development of the entire person is key to taking a student from no tech skills to employable market-ready skills.


The Katalyst Training Pathways

We have carefully crafted two career pathways ideal for someone with no-tech experience to become job-ready with the least amount of time and financial commitment. Katalyst can also design and build custom training programs that align with employment partner needs.

Coding Pathway

Certified Web Developer (CWD)

Students learn the skills needed to become proficient frontend and backend developers – HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, Python, and more.

Tech Support Pathway

Certified Technology Manager (CTM)

Students learn the skills needed to become a certified technology manager –Cloud application administration, provisioning endpoint devices and user administration, application imaging and deployment, asset management, service desk, troubleshooting and Project design and management.

Our Training Partners